Donnie Wahlberg and Tiffany: What Happens When 80s Stars Line Up

The New Kids On The Block and Tiffany had a long history we all know, but today we get the chance to learn a little bit more about them working together for the Mixtape Tour. 

“It doesn’t just happen”, said Joey last week, when he showed us the disco ball box outside the arena, and indeed, “it doesn’t just happen…” This tour in particular, involves the team effort of three bands and two solo singers; that means five shows, thirteen people, working together for one big show where everybody gets to shine… That’s a lot …  Don’t you think?

On Thursday, Donnie made some time to reflect about teaming up with Tiffany, and besides reminiscing with gratitude about the beginnings of the New Kids On The Block, he explained to us how that disco ball ended up in this Mixtape Tour. As he shared a photo of Tiffany on Instagram, he wrote,

“One of my favorite moments every single night on the #MixTapeTour — when the amazing @tiffany_tunes sings Could’ve Been while the disco ball shines throughout the arena. Yes, I do happen to love disco music and disco balls but that’s not where I’m going with this! See, it’s really because when I discussed this idea with Tiffany she got it and went for it. She believed in me like she believed in @nkotb back in the day! @nkotb owes her a debt that could never be repaid. The debt of somebody giving us a shot when nobody else would. Tiffany gave us that shot to play with her in arenas back in ‘88! Somehow, I hope this tour, and this chance that Tiffany has to show the world her amazing voice, repays a small piece of the debt we owe her for the chance she gave us all those years ago. Love ya Tiff!”

Later Tiffany replied, “I love this moment of the show too ..I still can’t fully watch the video you all made for me before I sing All this time . I’ll burst into (happy) tears ..can’t express enough how proud I am of all of you .. 30 years and you all still shine every night and give your heart and soul to every show … most importantly, your good guys with love in your hearts for family and friends and fans always. So great to be a part of this tour making great memories again ????love to you all always”

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