Join Donnie Wahlberg Supporting Tuskegee Next

Do you know why February is “Black History Month” in the US? To sum it up: in 1915, Carter G. Woodson, after attending a celebration of the anniversary of the 13th Amendment (which abolished slavery in 1863) came up with it; there’s a beautiful article on Oprah Magazine teaching us about this, that I strongly encourage you to read, no matter where you’re from.

On this very special month Donnie Wahlberg visited Tuskegee Next, an organization with a lot of history… and an invaluable purpose. During the World War II, “the Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated, determined young men who enlisted to become America’s first black military airmen” [1]

As you’ll be able to read at, there’s currently a void that must be addressed and an opportunity for young pilots, and they can truly use our help.

Donnie wrote on Twitter,

“In honor of the legendary #TuskegeeAirmen β€” I proudly support #TuskegeeNext in providing at risk youth with the skills to fly. Not just in life, and in leadership, but literally in the sky! Support the next generation of aviation.”[2]

Honor the #TuskegeeAirmen & help the next generation of aviation. Your generosity, in purchasing one of these #TuskegeeNEXT masks, not only helps support at risk youth learning to fly β€” it also enters you for a chance to fly w me & #TuskegeeNEXT cadets.” [3]

Donnie Wahlberg, Feb 1, 2021

You can help with a donation, or with the purchase of a mask like the one Donnie is wearing.

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