Donnie Wahlberg, on Dr. OZ, Revealing Chilling Details About Charles Manson

Donnie’s new TV series on HLN, Very Scary People, premiered on March 17 with two episodes about John Wayne Gacy; this week, the series featured the story of Charles Manson. Donnie talked about it on Dr. Oz, sharing chilling details.

We know Charles Manson wanted a music career, but we what we didn’t know is that he was close with Denis Wilson (Beach Boys) and that Denis turned to Neil Diamond to help Manson; Neil – thinking Charles was a good musician – eventually tried to get him a record deal. As Donnie mentions, “We make jokes about it now, all these years later, ‘Oh, Charles Manson tried to make a record;’ he really did and he almost got a record deal; he didn’t, and that’s one of the things that set him off on his murder spring.”

Check out a clip of the interview, and two previews of tonight’s episodes.

Very Scary People. S1. E3 and E4 Previews