The Day Donnie Wahlberg Reunited With His BHs

When the quarantine started, one of the first things I wondered was, “How will the last day be? Is it going to be like in the V-J Day photograph?” (you know, the soldier kissing a nurse in 1945) And so I pictured a colorful crowd at Times Square, cheering and throwing masks to the air like students throw their hats on their graduation day…, and myself taking the glorious photo for The Times (of course)

Bottom line is, I pictured “one day of worldwide celebration;” but that didn’t happen and I don’t know if it will; because, while some countries are going back to normal, others – like this pretty Argentina I’m stuck at – is back on stage 1 of the quarantine…

But this morning, when I saw the Instagram stories Donnie Wahlberg shared with BHs at Wahlburgers St. Charles, I thought, “That’s it; that is ‘a’ glorious day.”

NKOTBoston is going to be epic; there’s no doubt about it; but these little moments…, they also matter as much…, and they give us hope!

And! Seeing familiar faces reminded me of what happens when BHs get together; it’s always a party where we all know each other even when we haven’t met!

Quick funny story: See the gorgeous lady sitting on the floor in the middle? That is @PeroniGrlBrandi (Chicago’s ballerina extraordinaire)

You know how I met her? Mixtape Festival 2016: Block Nation party the day before. I was alone, lost in a parking lot with no party or crowd in sight, when I saw a car with a woman behind the wheel who also seemed lost. I knocked on her window and the conversation went something like this:

“Do you know where the Block Nation party is?”, I asked

“BH, right?!”

“Well, duh!”

“Get in!”

In fact, I think we introduced ourselves while we were driving to find the party ? I could have been a psycho! A couple of hours later, we were…I’m not gonna tell you; I’ll show you:

(click on the periscope link to see the clip horizontally)

On a last note, if you feel a little bit lost about the “Tushy” hashtag….

… check out the live stream NKOTB did on May 16, 2020. That’s when Donnie said, “I’m adopting ‘Tushy’ as my personal nickname.” ?

So! Wether you can go to Fenway or not, feel the joy and embrace it. If you believe, it’s gonna happen for you too ? (pinky promise; proof of it coming asap)