Donnie writes about a fan anecdote from 1990

It’s 1990 and you are teen, a Blockhead teen, on your way to an NKOTB concert and you see Donnie Wahlberg riding a motorcycle. Decades later you write about it, and HE ANSWERS.

Donnie Wahlberg. July 27, 1990. cc Amy /

At, a website that features a series of podcasts, fans gather together to talk about the sweet nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s. Their authors dedicate an special segment to NKOTB, “Welcome To The Block Party”, and on their 6th episode, Amy brought Donnie’s attention.

Back in 1990, on July 27, Amy was with their friends on their way to a New Kids On The Block concert, when they saw Donnie passing by their on his motorcycle… and she did what a true Blockhead was born to do during the mass hysteria era of NKOTB: she chased him, old school style!

We won’t we give you the ending, because Amy does a pretty nice job telling her story; so go to and have a blast reading it or listening to it!

But! Before or after, check out what Donnie said about Amy’s post at his Facebook page:

“I meet fans in all different ways. Sometimes it’s easy and arranged — like at a pre concert meet and greet. Sometimes, it’s a friend of a friend of a friends best friend, who asked a favor — for which I’m happy to comply. Sometimes, apparently, its on my motorcycle while driving down the highway some 25 years ago — as described in the attached blog.

I know now, that since reuniting the band in 2008, I try to give me very best to every single person that I meet. But, when I am about to hear stories of someone meeting me in the old days (late 80’s early 90’s), I’m sometimes frightened that I may hear a story that I may not have been as patient and giving as I would have hoped to be. I like to think that I was always patient and polite with my fans as a wild and crazy young man, in my late teens and early 20’s, but when I’m being chased while riding on my motorcycle (as a fan describes in this post) I can only pray that the story has a happy ending. Fortunately, I remember this day well, and this encounter. I’m glad to say it does have a happy ending. An ending, that really captures what is so special about the bond between my band and our fans…”

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