Elijah Wahlberg Models for 7uice’s Limited Edition of Varsity Jackets

Elijah Wahlberg, who has just released a new single with his band Pink Laces, has made his debut in the modeling industry as one of the faces of 7uice, a sportswear brand created by NBA all-star Jaylen Brown.

In this new limited edition of 7uice varsity jackets, Elijah wears the “Green 7uice ‘Love’ Varsity Jacket”, made with 80% Wool and 20% Nylon, Lining 100% Polyester, Knit Trim Acrylic Nylon and Sleeves Genuine Cow Hid Leather.

Source: 7uice on Instagram

Boston’s green plus his father’s Donnie Wahlberg favorite word, “love”? Was this made for Blockheads?

7uice collection is uniquely stylish, and it includes beanies, short sleeve tees, hoodies, colorful tote bags and even a skateboard deck autographed by Jaylen Brown.

Get your 7uice limited edition varsity jacket at 7uiceshop.com