Elijah Wahlberg and His New Band “Pink Laces” Released Their First EP “Shelf Life”

It looks like Joey McIntyre’s son, Griffin McIntyre, is not the only New Kids’ new kid on the block; while Griffin is set to start his career as an actor with his upcoming show “Country Comfort” on Netflix, Elijah Wahlberg – Donnie Wahlberg’s son – opened his own path with his friends… and he did it during the quarantine.

When the quarantine started we reacted in many different ways; some felt depressed, some tried to find a higher meaning to what was happening, some just baked! And others, like Elijah Wahlberg and his friends, let loose their creativity to create something bigger than them: music.

Today there’s a new band – Pink Laces – with a new EP, “Shelf Life,” an alternative/indie album with five tracks: Back to Sleep; Lapse; LOVE:MAYHEM; Daffodils and. Mr. Zero Gravity by Pink Laces and Spencer Sotelo.

How Did Pink Laces Was Born?

On the pasts Donnie Wahlberg’s live streams, we spotted Elijah and his friends doing the quarantine together. The lockdown caught Elijah and his friend Ian Bradford under Donnie’s roof, and then they invited Josh Venziano to join them. Eventually, they brought in Noah Vera (with whom Elijah made the NKOTB documentary) as their creative director.


Josh shared on an Instagram post how Pink Laces was born; he wrote,

“A few months ago our world was turned upside down. COVID 19 changed the way we lived and made us forgo many aspects of life that we took as commonplace. I was sent home from school and expected to finish my freshmen year of college from my bedroom – alone. Luckily, I was invited to spend quarantine with Elijah and Ian and thankfully, I jumped on that opportunity.”

Josh Venziano, IG, Sep 7, 2020

Josh continued,

During quarantine they started to mess around in the studio; toying with ideas and bare-bone instrumentals. Well these ideas didn’t stay that for very long as Pink Laces (or as they called themselves back then – Shark Week) was born. 

The music started to get made and turns out it was really good, and I mean REALLY good. They wanted to put it out for everyone to hear and they asked me to be their manager to help with the process. And we brought on Noah to lead visual creative for the band.

Josh Venziano, IG, Sep 7, 2020

Who Are Pink Laces?

Pink Laces’ members and team members are:

Elijah Wahlberg. Producer. IG/@lijah_wahlberg

Ian Bradford. IG/@ian_bradford_ 

Jaden (Jado) Venziano. IG/@jadenvenziano

Kevin Llama. IG/@kevllama

Noah Vera. Creative Director. IG/@itsnoahvera 

Ian Cork. IG/@the_cork_

Josh Venziano. Manager. IG/@joshvenziano


Stream Shelf Life on Spotify | YouTube Music | Deezer

Pink Laces opened their new IG account of February 22, 2021

(*) This post has been updated