Farmhouse Fixer to Transform a Southern California Home Into a Real-life Barbie Dreamhouse

Take a deep breath… Once you get over the shock of the headline, you might be opened to enjoy HGTV’s upcoming show “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”, where the Farmhouse Fixer team is going to be one among others who will create a real Barbie house ahead of the Warner Bros’ upcoming film, “Barbie”.

Barbie and I were besties decades ago, when she had huge body issues and was in love with a super white gay guy. I was madly in love with George Michael, so that was the only one aspect of her life I couldn’t judge. Did she meet non-white friends? Did someone give her food? I hope she’s well because she’s getting a new house and I would very much like to visit it.

The series “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”, hosted by designer, author and entrepreneur Ashley Graham, will premiere this Summer. Among the teams that we’ll see working are our all-time HGTV’s favorite renovators – who are now participating in Rock the Block Season 4 – Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin (“Farmhouse Fixer”) and Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle Williams (“Luxe for Less”).

And more stars! Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (“Bargain Block”); Ty Pennington (“Rock the Block”) and Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab”); Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson (“Married to Real Estate”); Jasmine Roth (“Help! I Wrecked My House”) and Food Network star Antonia Lofaso (“Beachside Brawl”); Christina Hall (“Christina on the Coast”) and James Bender (“Christina on the Coast”); and Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt (“100 Day Dream Home”).

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