Chat With Farmhouse Fixer Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin

Farmhouse Fixer Jonathan Knight (renovation expert) and designer Kristina Crestin, are going live on Instagram to answer your questions: What do you want to know about Farmhouse Fixer?

Jonathan Knight (@jonathanrknight on Instagram) and Kristina Crestin (@kristinacrestindesign on Instagram) came back to our homes through HGTV this past August 24, with a fresh and renewed new season.

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Jon and Kristina did one live stream before, with Jon’s husband Harley Rodriguez and Jon’s partner Scott Harmon; but today, they’ll be focused on you and on answering to all the question you may have about your favorite show.

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Make sure to follow Jon and Kristina on Instagram, and join the chat at 8pm tonight, before the show airs.

#ICYMI Watch the live stream >>