February 20, 2022

What’s Next For Farmhouse Fixer?

Farmhouse Fixer Jonathan Knight, has been busy this week shooting for the show and it seems the second season is going to bring more than what we’ve seen so far.

On The Road

With the keen eye and the love for farms Jonathan is known for, he took a photo on Monday during the road trip towards the filming location. He captioned it saying, “Road tripping today filming and fell in love with this barn…. Also excuse the dead skunk”

On Friday he visited “The Barn Yard“, a family business which offers sheds, garages, post and beam barns, and pavilions. Owners Everett and Chris Skinner, gave Jon a tour of the factory and display barns.

What’s Next for Farmhouse Fixer?

Apparently, the second season of the show could be also focused on Jonathan’s personal life as a farmer himself; on Tuesday, along with his husband Harley Rodriguez, Jon received Kristina Crestin (co-host) and Scott to cook “a time honored family recipe.”

  • Jonathan Knight Farmhouse Fixer
  • Jonathan Knight Farmhouse Fixer

The team of Farmhouse Fixer has been complying with the mandatory vaccinations. Jonathan has previously shared with humor a few shots of his test results; this week, he gave a shout out to those employees who can’t or won’t get the vaccine and has lost their jobs due to it. He captioned the photo saying,

“Can we stop this already? The vaccines worked. Also shout out to all those that lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates. So sad. While I chose to be vaccinated I don’t feel it should be a mandate. Your body your choice!”

Jonathan Knight on Instagram

When Is The Second Season of Farmhouse Fixer Going to Premiere

Farmhouse Fixer Season 2 is set to premiere late 2022. The date hasn’t been officially announced yet.

When Is the Next Farmhouse Fixer Marathon?

You can catch the next marathon of Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV on May 23, 6AM-10AM ET. You can also stream the show on Discovery Plus

About Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer, premiered on HGTV on March 3, 2021, as a six (6) part renovation series hosted by Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez and Kristina Crestin. Its first season is currently airing on HGTV and streaming on Discovery +.

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