Farmhouse Fixer on Rock The Block: Results Are In!

“We are just used to having more time to get things right”, recently said Kristina Crestin from the set of Rock the Block, where with Jonathan Knight are “Team Farmhouse Fixer”; little we knew that all the competitors would have a month to receive instructions and get everything done.

On October 3rd, Jon and Kristina travelled to Colorado, where the fourth season of Rock the Block was going to be filmed; and that was “Day 1” for Team Farmhouse Fixer. At the time, Jon and Kristina didn’t say a word about this new project.

On “Day 2”, team Farmhouse Fixer spilled the beans…

And so it began. During their stay in Colorado, Jon and Kristina shared a few stories telling us a little bit about their experience in the show, which had a little pause for Jon since he had to go to the NKOTB Cruise (Oct 20-24) Bummer, right? 😏

NKOTB during Sail Away Party, Oct 20, 22. © NKOTB

On Nov 1st, Jonathan told us that the results would be announced in three days…

And on Nov 3rd, he told us the next day would be the last…

And here we are, on the last day of filming for Farmhouse Fixer and all the competitors. Jon and Kristina shared a few photos to wrap up their experience and… they look pretty happy... 🤔

Who won? How did the teams perform? We’ll know it in a few months, when the fourth season of Rock The Blocks airs on HGTV, on March 2023. 😉

Farmhouse Fixer on Rock The Block Season 4

Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin, from HGTV’s successful show “Farmhouse Fixer”, are among the competitors of the upcoming new season of Rock the Block.

jonathan knight and kristina crestin on Rock the Block season 4

The fourth season of Rock The Block, hosted by Ty Pennington, premiered on March 6, 2023. During the competition, “each team will have six weeks and a $250,000 budget to renovate identical properties situated in a rustic Colorado landscape and morph them into luxurious homes.”

Besides Jon and Kristina, representing “Farmhouse Fixer,” the other competitors are: Renovation Island‘s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler; deluxe design experts Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle (Luxe for Less); and real estate broker and house-flipping expert Page Turner and Fix My Flip‘s Mitch Glew.

Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 Premiere

Once again, our dream team Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin, will be back to HGTV with “Farmhouse Fixer Season 3”, continuing to bring historic New England’s farmhouses to their former glory.

The new season premieres on Tuesday, April 23 at 9|8c (and available to stream the same day and time on Max).

About Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer, premiered on HGTV on March 3, 2021, as a six (6) part renovation series hosted by Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez, accompanied by designer Kristina Crestin.

Farmhouse Fixer Season 2 premiered on August 24 @ 9PM ET/PT. The latest episode of the season aired on October, Wed 19.

Where to Watch Farmhouse Fixer

Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 is slated to premiere on April 23, 2024.

When Is the Next Marathon of Farmhouse Fixer

Catch the next Farmhouse Fixer’s marathon on Thursday, Mar 28, 2024.

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