Get Inspired With Donnie | Ed 18/51

Kindness, anger, and how to not be an asshole. Yeah, Blockhead. You read that right.

“Kindness is safe.
Kindness is boring.
Kindness is unpopular.
Kindness is uninteresting.
Kindness is non controversial.
Kindness is of no use to those who wish to troll, gaslight, displace aggression or create clickbait.
With that said — Kindness is always the right choice.”
@DonnieWahlberg, Dec 11, 2018

“Lift the weight of other people’s hatred and anger off of your shoulders.
It doesn’t belong to you.
It’s their shit.
Let them carry it around all day.
Let them bear the burden of their hate,
and all of the misery that comes with carrying the weight of that hate.
@DonnieWahlberg, Dec 11, 2018

“The person you shit on today, may be the same person you need tomorrow. So don’t be a freaking asshole! #MerryChristmas”


  1. Alma has raised men who have persevered, know where they came from and are down to earth regular men that show nothing but love, respect, generosity and kindness to not just unfortunate people but everyone.

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