Get Your Valentine’s Girl NKOTB Mask!

While Lori continues creating new patterns for New Kids On The Block masks, another BH is also working on masks and zipper bags!

???? All proceeds go to Remember Betty ????

Remember Betty is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization whose mission is to help minimize the financial burden associated with breast cancer for patients & survivors so that they can focus on recovery & quality of life.

New Mask Patterns

Lori has been working on new patterns for the NKOTB masks. Head over to to check them out. The store has – to this date – color changing hot tumblers and LED light masks.

Note: Lori hasn’t announced a new sale yet

Valentine Girl NKOTB Masks

Thanks to Lori we know that Marcie Alishokis (@marciealishokis on IG) is making these beautiful masks and zipper bags. Get in touch with Marcie before Valentine’s Day!