Joey Asks Us to Support His Sister Kate, Who’ll be Running the Boston Marathon

Joey McIntyre took a moment this afternoon, to tell us about his sister Kate Jacobs running the Boston Marathon this year, for Mass. Eye and Ear; and, she needs our support.

In a clip Joey posted on Twitter and Instagram, he said, “my sister Kate is running the Boston Marathon; if I can’t do it, then she’s the next best thing.”[1] He has run the Boston Marathon twice (in 2013 and 2014) but he did it for ALZ, the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research; and even wrote two blogs about his experience.

Kate will be running the Boston Marathon for Mass. Eye and Ear, which is also an organization close to Joey’s heart and for which he’s worked over the years.

Mass. Eye And Ear, founded in 1824, “is an international center for treatment and home to the world’s largest vision and hearing research centers” and it is also a member of Mass General Brigham and a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. (…) “clinicians are driven by a mission to find cures for blindness, deafness and diseases of the head and neck.” [2]

Joey continues in his clip, “She’s running with the Mass. Eye and Ear infirmary team, to raise money in awareness for an amazing place; they do amazing work for the blind and the deaf.”

“My son Rhys – Joey explains – was born with severe hearing loss, and, few months after he was born we were asked to be a part of this amazing place, and they are part of our family.” And he adds, “they also helped with my dad’s macular degeneration, and giving lot of hope and lot of security.”

Joey McIntyre and Rhys at the Mass. Eye and Ear Annual Gala. Oct 17, 17. cc masseyeandearOrg

Joey wraps up his video saying, “You really can’t put a dollar amount on it; however, every dollar counts. So please, make a donation and root my sister on; she’s awesome; she’s my youngest sister of seven sisters and she clearly rocks. So, go Kate go! and, thanks for your help!”

Donate at Kate Jacobs’ Givengain’s Page


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