Griffin McIntyre Opens for His Dad at the Bourbon Room

Griffin McIntyre rocked the stage on Sunday, as the opening act for his dad’s concert at the Bourbon Room.

Griffin McIntyre joined once again his dad, for Joey McIntyre’s latest performance at the Bourbon Room. With his acoustic guitar, Griffin covered Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

Joey McIntyre, with Sean Thomas, ahead of his concert at the Bourbon Room on Sunday (Sep 24), went live on Instagram past midnight (ET time) to perform the full set. Watch 120 min video >>

As the opening act for his father’s concert at the Bourbon Room, Griffin proved that musical talent runs deep in the McIntyre family.

With his Roxy Pink guitar, he covered (of course) a song by John Mayer, “New Light.”

As the raising star that he is, Griffin took some selfie with fans.