Griffin McIntyre on Country Comfort’s Premiere Party

Julia Flower, creator of Southern Women Channel, hosted a live party on YouTube for the cast of Country Comfort. Griffin McIntyre talked about his music influences; what instruments he plays; how he balances his life as an actor with his personal life and of course, about his character “Dylan.”

Griffin plays the piano since he was 9 years old and just started playing the electric guitar with Guns’ n Roses songs. He was strongly influenced musically by his dad, Joey McIntyre; he started going on tour with New Kids On The Block when he was a year old.

Joey McIntyre and son Griffin, on stage, during NKOTB tour. Jun, 2013

During the live stream, Griffin also refers to the balance in his life, between school, Country Comfort, his friends and family. He is in 7th grade, so during the shooting of this new Netflix show, he had a studio teacher (Jess) to help him; he did most of his school work in the morning and then he would check out the script to see if there were any changes and later.. just act! Griffin believes acting is “the best thing in the world.”

In Country Comfort, Griffin McIntyre plays “Dylan;” a very adult like character to whom he had to adapt. For the premiere on March 19, Griffin expects to have his grandmother Mimi to watch the show (again, because he already did it ☺️)


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