Griffin McIntyre’s First Live Stream. Jimmy Kimmel, be afraid.

It is so refreshing to watch kids and teenagers, talking about school, doing sports and “just chilling”; it actually gives one hope in times like these. I haven’t watched any other young artist doing a live stream, so it would be very subjective to say that Griffin McIntyre is taking this to another level. 

However, the rhythm Griffin has while answering to comments and interviewing the fans, the questions he comes up with, the focus he doesn’t lose for a second on promoting his show on every chat with a fan, the humility!… It is.. chapeau quality.

Thus, “Griffin McIntyre taking Instagram live streams to another level” is a fact. This young man is going to places we can’t even begin to imagine. A great actor, a natural performer, a natural comedian.

Griffin begins his first live stream announcing another one! He was going to go live with someone else, but they are going to do it on Thursday. So, stay tune for it!

In this live stream, he talked about the places he has visited in the United States (which are “almost everywhere except for Alaska”), his favorite restaurants, his favorite New Kids’ song and the type of music he likes (which is almost everything except Rock / Heavy Metal)

He welcomed friends, cousins, fans and Pyper Braun! (Chloe, in Country Comfort) and he even invited his young brother, Rhys, to take some questions from the fans too. Girls asked him if he has a girlfriend and one even asked him to marry her. Hashtag “and so, it begins…”

Regarding the season 2 of Country Comfort, he responded to a fan, “It’s doing well, but we need a little bit more of people to watch it.” His favorite part of being in the show is “everything,” but he puts and emphasis on the people; he says, “they are nice, so kind, sweet.”

Griffin McIntyre is now in New York attending school, and he will be moving back to Los Angeles on the last weeks of June. He asked himself at some point, “Should I do a late night show? and Jimmy Kimmel Began to picture his retirement.

He committed to do live streams on Thursdays and Fridays; so! if you were looking for your child to have a nice, decent, talented, hilarious and inspiring young role model, search no more.