Return Of The Mac: Griffin McIntyre Joins the Mixtape Tour

His dad may have had a show titled like this, but Griffin McIntyre joining Illtown Sluggaz on the Mixtape Tour – after the official announcement on May – was the return of the Mac in all its glory.

During the Mixtape Tour day off on Monday, June 13, Joey picked up Griffin from the airport and while we enjoyed their “dad and son” hilarious exchange of messages, all our minds were thinking, “the day is coming!”

And as we say, “don’t you know that the time has arrived” 💃🏻

On his official debut as part of the opening act of the Mixtape Tour, Griffin McIntyre took a step aside from the pop genre, singing “Jack And Diane” by John Mellecamp and playing with his guitar Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child Of Mine.”

Joey shared a few clips of Griffin before the show, and Illtown Sluggaz streamed live almost the whole opening act.

Jun 14, 2022

Note: Illtown Sluggaz live stream cannot be embedded due to its low video quality, but the audio sounds very good. Check it out at

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