Jon Knight: “Water comes into your house everyday… some day it may not”

After not being able to sleep due to thunderstorms, Jon reflected on how long it has been since it rained and how much water – which we take for granted – is needed.

Here’s his Instagram post, where he recommends to watch “H20: The Molecule That Made Us.” It is a 3-hour series from WGBH Boston, which aired in three on hour episodes and which you can watch at PBS or buy on Amazon.

“Only slept 2hours last night due to the severe thunderstorms…aggravating since I had to be up at 6! When I looked at the DD cup I left beside my truck the day before a sleepless night it was so worth the lack of sleep…We finally got our needed rain! More rain in the forecast this week. Water…something we all take for granted until we don’t have enough! Conserve this precious resource. As years go by it seems to be less and less in areas. Watch the series “H20: The molecule that made us”, on PBS…your views will change. Water comes into your house everyday… some day it may not!”

@JonathanRKnight, on Instagram