Hailey Finally Became Donnie’s Cover Girl

One of the most expected (and sweet) moments in this Mixtape Tour: the day Hailey’s dream came true!

We met Hailey (3) on March, when Tammy Pescatelli posted a video of her singing like a true Blockhead; and, almost immediately, Donnie shared the tweet adding, “I’m proud of you #Hailey and when you feel all better — very soon — I’d love if you’d be my guest on stage at my concert so I can sing Cover Girl to you on The #MixTapeTour! Then all the #Blockheads and fans can cheer for you! Be brave! See ya soon!”

Soon after that, Hailey’s mom – Emily – opened a twitter account @HaileyHealing– where she explained,

“Hailey was diagnosed with ‘Wilms Tumor’ which is a type of childhood cancer that starts in the kidneys. She has already lost one kidney. The cancer metastasized to her lungs. She did weekly cancer treatments to reduce the tumor so she could have surgery to remove it.”

We followed Hailey through her surgery, her chemo and radiation, and watched her growing strong every day. Even though she’ll continue chemo until January, radiation is over! This is how she celebrated it on May:

And the day finally arrived at the Mixtape Tour concert in Newark (NJ)

Emily tweeted after the concert, “We got to meet ALL the boys last night!!!! Donnie held Hailey for pics ❤ They all gave me such big hugs!! They made me cry! Hailey made them all drawings of her and them individually n wrapped in Healing Hearts for Hailey bracelets.” And continued, “These sweet guys held up her drawings for pics ❤ Jordan told Hailey she did a great job on her drawing ~ Joey asked for Hailey’s story ~ they loved her sparkly shoes lol they showed so much love and care!! They told me to “keep chugged away little mama! Keep fighting the fight!””

You’re always on our prayers, Hailey!

On November 3, 2022, Hailey left her body and this earth. Rumor has it she is already singing and dancing NKOTB songs over the clouds. Angels love her, and let her ride their unicorns.