Happy New Year, from NKOTB

Check out what the New Kids did and shared the last day of 2017, and how they welcomed the new year.

On 2017’s latest hours, the band shared one of the pictures – taken by @babsphoto – that will be printed in our hearts forever, with the message: “The final night of incredible year. May yours shine bright!”

Joey welcomed his 45 years, with no filter, saying, “This is me, PacMan. This is me, man… After 45 years, I’m good and #grateful.”

At night, Donnie was by Jenny’s side, as she was getting ready to host #RockinEve – the annual New Year’s Eve television special broadcast by ABC – with Ryan Seacrest. The sub-zero temps compelled the couple to look for shelter, and they’ve found it at a GAP store.

And here is how they tried to keep each other warm the rest of the night…

On January 1st

The first message we got, was from Donnie on Twitter:

And Danny set the example for this new year! The man… went to the gym… (oh yes, he did)

Happy New Year, Blockhead!

Raise your glass for another amazing year! Do you still have NewKids’ dreams waiting to come true? This could be the year! This should be the year! This will be the year! You know what Donnie says… “#Wish”…

… to which I could add, “and be #Thankful”, in advance. Dreams do come true when they come from the most honest and humble corner of your heart.