Husbands Can Clean. Joey McIntyre Proves It

How often do you call your mom complaining about your hubby saying, “He doesn’t do anything!”… Well, it seems Barrett won the jackpot.

I used to call my mother complaining about my husband, saying, “But mom, I have to do everything!”, and she used to reply, “Honey, all men are the same. I still tell your father what to wear.”

However, Joey is … unique. He cleans… Or (please, allow me to wonder) does he say “he cleans” when – in fact- he just … digs into the old boxes, opens all of them, and then leaves them right there, saying to Barrett, “Honey, I’ll finish tomorrow”…

Let’s go with the “he cleans, he is an awesome husband. I’ll show this post to my husband/boyfriend/significant other and say, ‘Look, this is how you should do it’. The New Kids On The Block rock.”

Anyways, as he was “cleaning” his basement, Joey first found a nice oldie from the…90s? A TV with a VCR in it; later he went bananas when he found the “Just A Friend” cassette by Biz Markie.

So! Greatest news are: there are husbands who clean. Print this. Clame your right to have a clean home. I’m a lawyer. These two Instagram pics counts as proof. ?