Is Joey McIntyre Starting a New Boyband?

Lyndsey Parker, for Yahoo Music, captured in her post “Joey McIntyre on how New Kids on the Block became ‘the hardest-working kids in show business“, a few highlights of a Joe’s appearance on the the SiriusXM show “Volume West” while he was promoting his new song “Own This Town;” and Joey shared the article on Twitter saying,

“Thanks, Lyndsey. Appreciate your skills cuz this feels about as articulate as I can get about how @nkotb came up. (but you leaked my next big idea!!)”

@JoeyMcIntyre on Twitter, Dec 8, 2020

And what’s Joey next big idea? Lyndsey writes, “McIntyre thinks it’s time for a new American boy band. There’s such a lack of them, in fact, that he just might become the next Maurice Starr and start one himself.”

Now, before you head on to read the article, here’s a fun fact. In the interview, Joey talks about the many “30ths” anniversaries we’re celebrating, how hard the New Kids On The Block worked to become the greatest boyband they still are, and how “it was actually the Black music community that first supported NKOTB.”

Well, after sharing his tweet, the user bigtyme_79 on Tik Tok caught Joey’s attention and so he shared the clips on his Instagram Stories saying “this dovetails well with my article post today”

Now, off you go! Cool videos and link to the recorded interview are available.