Joe Mac Embodies a BH Worst Nightmare With His Nynuk Hoodie

You know when you’re wearing a New Kids’ thing (like the epic Nynuk Hoodie), and “something” happens to it? You yell, crying hysterically, “It’s ALL ruined!”, and someone says, “honey, it’s just a spot! You can wash it!”, and you yell louder, “he TOUCHED IT!”

Gosh, that gives me the chills… #KnockOnDWood

So… You know, right?

(What you may not know, by the way, is that there are a few “Limited Edition Nynuk sweatshirts” left, available at the NKOTB Store. #JustSaying)

Well – back to our WORST nightmare – Joey just recorded the “moderated” version.

Knock yourself out.

Joey McIntyre / Instagram Stories, May 12, 2023

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