Joey and Griffin McIntyre Live Stream: Meet The Cast of Country Comfort

Country Comfort, the new show on Netflix where we’ll get to watch Griffin on his first job on TV (on his own), is just around the corner. As we wait for the premiere on March 19, Joey McIntyre and his son Griffin McIntyre streamed live on Instagram, interviewing the young cast of Country Comfort and welcoming surprise guests… which we know very well… ?

Griffin began the live stream by answering questions, such us: has he been able to go back into campus at school? What’s his favourite song to sing on the show? How was it coming back to work on set? He answered it all and even talked about the COVID tests they had to take every week.

The first one to log in was Pyper Braun (7) from LA, who talked about her character “Cloe” and how she relates to her, and that she’s going to have a little premiere on Friday with her family.

Then came Shiloh Verrico (11) from New Jersey, who is “beyond excited” for the premiere. Her character “Cassady”, is trying to overcome the loss of her mother, so Shiloh shared with us how she has worked on playing such strong emotions. Her and Griffin also talked about the fun they had backstage and how much all of them have bonded.

And then the Knight brothers logged in too! Jordan Knight and “Farmhouse Fixer” Jonathan Knight, showed up excited, proud and happy for the show. So did comedian and actor Adam Ray, one of Joey’s closest friends.

Finally we got to meet Jamie Martin Mann with his brother Cameron; they were at Jamie’s school recording a choir concert which is going to be streamed live! So, stay tuned for that ? Jamie talked about his character “Brody” being kind of a goofball, with low self-esteem, trying to impress girls like his older brother does (Tuck, played by Ricardo Hurtado). Jamie believes his character is a good kid and he likes how he grows throughout this first season.

And, I believe I said too much… Ok, one more thing ? Cameron Mann is an actor too, and he has also an upcoming show on “HBO” with – drum roll please – Kate Winslet (hashtag oh my god the genes in that family!). The show, “Mare of Easttown”, premieres on April 18 and you can check out the trailer on IMDb.

Now I said too much! Without any further introduction, here’s the live stream! Enjoy!

Note: An edited version of this live stream will be posted on the blog’s YouTube Channel, and I’ll update this post with more info about he kids, as soon as I can get a nap ?