Joey and Griffin McIntyre Sing “Half Way There,” in the Shower

Catchy title. Ha! Got ‘cha! You will get to watch father and son singing in the shower but! allow me to tell you why first, because this is what matters.

Jamie Mann (one of the young actors in Griffin’s upcoming show on Netflix, Country Comfort) organised a virtual event on his YouTube Channel, for a special cause: to support a fundraise for a very loved and talented man: Obi Ndefo.

You may know Obi for playing “Bodie Wells” in Dawson’s Creek (the husband of Joey’s sister; Joey who, in real life, is Katie Holmes and eventually married Tome Cruise; WHY!) Ok, I’m rambling. Obi Ndefo! He is also known for playing Rak’nor on “Stargate SG-1,” for which I’ve got nothing to say because I may be a nerd but I have my limits. (I haven’t even watched Star Wars; I know; shut up; this is serious.)

So, why is there a fundraise for Obi? Because, as Obi’s mom writes at the gofundme page,

“On the evening of August 17th, while finishing shopping at Erewhon Natural Foods Market on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, (after teaching his Saturday evening yoga class), Obi’s body was hit directly from behind by a swerving DUI driver moving over 40 MPH.
According to the first responders and orthopedic surgeons, it is an absolute miracle that Obi survived.”

Obi survived, but he lost his legs. His mother, Susan Matranga, also writes that,

“The Surgeon team has identified Obi as an excellent candidate for a new mode of prosthetic legs, which will be integrative with Obi’s (as you may know) active spirit and life as a performer, writer, and movement teacher.”

How does Jamie fit into this story? His father attended to Yale with Obi, and the way Jamie came up with the idea of this event is something I beg you to read from Dan Woog’s blog post, “Obi Ndefo And Jamie Mann’s Joyful Virtual Cabaret.”

Also, there’s an article by Brita Belli at Yale News, “For Dawson’s Creek’ actor, a Yalie, loss of legs leads to new role“, you do not want miss… I cried…

During “Obi Ndefo Virtual Cabaret Benefit”, Joey and Griffin McIntyre showed up to sing, from the shower, Bon Jovi’s “Half Way There.” To watch the full event head over to Jammie’s Channel, and don’t forget to donate if you can!

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