Joey and Griffin McIntyre Welcoming the Summer in the Hamptons

“Done with school!!!” – Griffin McIntyre / IG Stories. June 3, 2021

Griffin posted on Thursday (on his IG Stories) he was done with school, but the next day Joey made a special mention of the occasion on his Instagram:

Joey and Griffin McIntyre on Griff’s last day of school. June 4, 2021

This young man started his school year on a Hollywood sound stage and today ends it with one last subway ride to school in New York City. He showed up every day with all the distractions and uncertainty. All the changes and the travel. All on a screen and in a mask ?‍♂️. Way to go, Griff. You should be very proud of yourself. I am much inspired and a little envious of the work you put in and the talent that you are cultivating. Well done! I love you!
Now go enjoy the heck out of your summer!!!

Joey McIntyre / Instagram. June 4, 2021

Over the weekend, father and son were enjoying the Hamptons with “friends with Bentleys”