Joey McIntrye Dropping the Mic in TNT, VS Joey Fatone

Watch Joey vs Joey rapping in an ultimate pop boyband battle, on Drop the Mic.

We saw Rascal Flatts vs. Boyz to Men, and Charlie Puth vs BSB in 2017, but that was country vs soul, and solo vs group. With Joey McIntyre (member of NKOTB) and Joey Fatone (former member of N’Sync), we had the first pop boyband battle on Drop the Mic. It aired on March 6, on the 7thepisode of Season 3, and if you missed it, here is your chance to watch it, over and over again 🙂

Joey McIntyre is now performing on Broadway, as Dr. Pomatter in Waitress the Musical (for a limited time, from Feb 4thto Apr 7) He’ll be touring with NKOTB and special guest this year, with the MixTape Tour.

Joey Fatone Fatone is the host of Common Knowledge, a game show which premiered on January 14, 2019 on the Game Show Network; he also has a podcast with his manager and friend Joe Mulvihill, Two Cups Of Joe With Joey Fatone and Joe Mulvihill.