Joey McIntyre: “Thanks for Being There When I Needed Ya Guys”

On his last night on the road, Joey shared his gratitude to his fans and he signed it, “Daddy Joe.”

“Daddy Joe”. It might seem a simple line, but – as Blockheads – we know this is the first-time Joey signs a story (and a post) like this: “Daddy Joe”, which lead us to imagine how much Joe is missing his kids.

This is not a goodbye! Even though we’re all experiencing some “tour withdrawals”, Joey is already thinking about the next step to take! And hey, don’t forget about the NKOTB cruise planned for the upcoming 2020 Spring.

Stay Tune! There’s a lot of Mac awesomeness ahead 🙂


  1. Joe, kids are first priority and they grow up fast. Be there for your kids your fans understand we have them too. We never know how long we have on earth we can die tomorrow in a car accident or a crazy person might run into you. Either way are kids needs us now more than ever. If I was in your shoes I would take my kids with me if I couldn’t take my kids I would tell the guys I’m sorry but I have to be with my kids. I would wait until the Governments grow up and start doing their jobs. How can we ignore the facts that we have terrorist among us and the most craziest stuff happening today are kids aren’t safe. Seriously as a human who had the biggest crush on you and only dreamed of seeing you and one time that did come true only I would remember that made my world. As a Fan,Friend, for the love of God go get your babies or I will never see you again. ???? You go and Protect your family. Love always Diana

    1. (NKOTB) I Love you all and love to blue blood Donnie watch it faithfully
      It’s the boom and sooooo Cool
      Keep up the good job guys ???????????????????? an I love you guys music ????.

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