#MacBikeTour: Joey Sings Imagine, And Talks About Portland and Music

Joey McIntyre biking in Portland (OR) June 2, 2019
June 3, 2019

With his flat tires already fixed, Joey took us on a ride to show us Portland’s landscape, singing “Imagine” and telling us a little bit of this and that.

He was going to have a drink, but it was 330pm, an hour before the Meet and Greet; he had already meditated but haven’t have shared a Namaste video, so he decided to start singing from his bike, while showing us Portland’s landscape, a place where – he says – he could live for a year.

He also talks about music and how he prefers Pandora – the free version, with all the ads – over Siri; he says, “I said, Siri play me some music. And I’m sorry; they played me a song with ‘f’ bombs and ‘N’ words and I’m no prude, but Siri if I ask you for music… you got me wrong if you’re gonna load up on ‘f’ bombs and ‘N’ words; it’s just not my cup of tea”

By Laly York

Just a life time Blockhead known as Laly