#MacBikeTour: Joey Sings Imagine, And Talks About Portland and Music

With his flat tires already fixed, Joey took us on a ride to show us Portland’s landscape, singing “Imagine” and telling us a little bit of this and that.

He was going to have a drink, but it was 330pm, an hour before the Meet and Greet; he had already meditated but haven’t have shared a Namaste video, so he decided to start singing from his bike, while showing us Portland’s landscape, a place where – he says – he could live for a year.

He also talks about music and how he prefers Pandora – the free version, with all the ads – over Siri; he says, “I said, Siri play me some music. And I’m sorry; they played me a song with ‘f’ bombs and ‘N’ words and I’m no prude, but Siri if I ask you for music… you got me wrong if you’re gonna load up on ‘f’ bombs and ‘N’ words; it’s just not my cup of tea”