Did Joey Complete the “50 for 50” Goal?

Well, more than a goal, when Joey came up with the intention of doing 50 concerts after having turned 50 years old, it was probably a dream. A big one. Did he make it?

Today Joey shared an Instagram Story of two Bravehearts talking about their wish to not miss shows 49th and 50th. He added the caption: “I will bring a chalkboard and we’ll do the math together.”

That seems fun! But since we’ve got all the time in the world for things like this (kids can’t eat on their own; husbands survive…? Bosses absolutely understand), we’re gonna do the math and hope that Joey and the Bravehearts use that “chalkboard time” to plan the next the tour.

The dream was born during the concert at the Carnegie Hall, on January 14. So, we could count this performance as the number one in our list, right?

But! On January 11, he performed at the Mohegan Sun. And given that he was 50 already, we’re going to count this one as well. (We are not cheating. It’s 50 for “50”)

So! Two shows on January, after having turned 50 years old.

From March to May, he gave four performances before the “Solo Joe Summer Tour.” He played at the Bourbon Room (LA), the Great American Music Hall (San Francisco), the Hollywood Theatre (Vancouver) and the Showbox (Seattle.)

Then on June he performed in Europe, also four times: one in Ireland, another one in Germany, and two in the UK.

On July 7 he kicked off the Solo Joe Summer Tour, with twenty (20) dates. The tour was announced with sixteen (16) dates; but on May 22 he added two more, and then in June he added two concerts in Hawaii.

Are you doing the math?

Now, this week he announced the “last two shows”, both at The Bourbon Room. But are they the last two shows of the “50 for 50” dream, or simply the last two shows of this 2023?

We’ve got a few more to add. Before these last two concerts, Joey performed at the Bourbon Room (Sep 24) and booked another one at the Floridian Social (Nov 12)

Which gives us a total of… 34… Thirty-four shows. Which, if you ask any Braveheart, are way more than a dream come true.

(Thank you Joe. We are truly grateful. 😘)