Joey McIntyre: A Clean Slate For His Upcoming Tour

Just as it happened with the concert at Carnegie Hall, Joey McIntyre is about to begin a new journey, and much bigger this time.

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Before showing us, on his Instagram Stories, how he erased the set list from his white board, to work on the new one for his upcoming tour, he posted on Instagram:

Time to wipe the slate clean. This was the @carnegiehall set list (or 95% of it).
Often set lists can be a work in progress-ripped up, started over, swapped around etc etc, but this one flowed right off my pen/marker onto the page/whiteboard. As you can see, we only switched one order of guests and added only a couple songs. A dream set list if you will. And it all came true and then some!!
And now it’s time to wipe it clean and start working on to the next one.
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Joey McIntyre, Instagram, March 2, 2023

And so he did…