Joey McIntyre Publishes a Blog Post on Living With His Mother and Alzheimers

Joey McIntyre is getting ready to run Hollywood Half Marathon, and he’s asking us to help him in his cause: to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

He writes,

“I will be running the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7, 2012, in her honor — and in honor of all those affected by Alzheimer’s — and to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. If you can, please donate to my page at

For that purpose, he’s written a letter that was published at the Alzheimer’s Association blog; here’s a extract:

“I remember in the fall of 2008, she said something very profound and sadly poetic. She said, “me and the night don’t get along.” I thought that was quite a lyric.  (…) I think she still knows that she has some kind of disease, but she has moments of peace. Hopefully, with more funding and the hard work of all involved, we can find a cure so that Alzheimer’s will not affect generations to come. This disease affects the whole family. My mother is so fortunate to have the care she has, but so many are not as lucky.”

Read the full letter at