Joey McIntyre Announces New Opening Night for Waitress The Musical (video and pics)

We’ve been reading about it on Social Media, but now Joey has made it official: his opening night will be on February 4 (not February 5). Check out the videos and photos of the week’s rehearsals.

A week ago, we saw Joey with @tornsy18 during rehearsals, announcing the new date.

He left a comment in one of his InstaPosts, saying, “Btw, y’all know I’m starting on Feb 4thnow instead of 5thright?,” and then we saw him tasting the famous Mermaid Marshmallow Pie…

However, just in case, he made it official for all his fans, writing, “First show for me in @waitressmusical is now Feb 4th- it was originally Feb 5th and long story short, I just can’t wait so I’m going in a day earlier!! See you there!!”

Joey McIntyre in Waitress The Musical Rehearsals (Gallery)