Joey McIntyre Announces Solo Performances. Plus, The Macs on The Move [Ep. 6]

Have you listened to the latest episode of “The Move”? In case you didn’t, here is the first great news of this 2018.

Since October 24, 2017 (and every other Tuesday) Joey gives us a new episode of his Podcast “The Move”; today we got to listen to the macs: Rhys, Griffin, Kira and Barrett, talking about the best and the worse of 2017, and their wishes for this new 2018. Joey talked about New Year’s Resolutions, the tax cut, Mariah Carey’s performance on New Year’s Eve, and so much more, until he finally gave us the big news.

He is going to do shows at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, every other Wednesday, starting in February and until April. He’ll be announcing those dates soon, so, stay tuned!

About this new project, he said,

“(I am) looking forward to that. Just being back on stage by myself, and kind of working out some ideas that I have. I just think it’s so fun to be on stage and just kind of work on your baggage tricks and see what works and what doesn’t, and sort of keep me on my toes, keep me in good shape, keep me taking care of myself so I’ll be ready to sing every couple weeks and then head to New York, with maybe some ideas to work on and build on, and that’s kind of what I’m thinking of doing,  and that’s also my kind of goodbye to LA”

However, west coasters, Joey is not leaving you for good. He added, “I’ll be back, here and there; but I just wanted to kind of find a way to celebrate my time in LA”.

He also said, “I think my buddy Gabe Lopez is gonna be helping me out. We’ve written a bunch of songs together over the years and he is a really sweet guy and a beautiful musician, and I hope to drag some friends up there, on the stage with me, before I go to the East Coast”

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