Joey McIntyre Announces His Son’s New Sitcom on Netflix (Streamed Live)

Last Sunday we saw Joey and Griffin on the Airport; the little kid was going back to California, and dad was saying, “12’s the new 15”. It was Griff’s first time flying solo, “for his fancy job in LaLaLand”… but little we knew…

Griffin’s got a job… a huge one! In the new Netflix series, “Country Comfort”, the gorgeous Katherine McPhee plays a nanny to five children, and one of them is our very own nephew, Griffin McIntyre. And let’s don’t forget to mention that the series’ creator is Caryn Lucas, former The Nanny executive producer.

Yesterday, Joey streamed live from the Two River Theatre, to talk about his play, NKOTB’s show at Fenway Park and Griffin on Hollywood, “Griffin is now in Hollywood, in his own right, on a new Netflix sitcom (…) We didn’t think he would be professional this early but the stars aligned and he is in good hands.”

And all the Blockheads say… Yay!!? ??