Joey McIntyre Recommends: Bag Ladies Tea, the Perfect Gift for Your BbFF

Bag Ladies Tea, created by Tricia McIntyre, is “a specialty tea company that celebrates the uncanny joy and sisterhood that we share as women”. It has been around for over two decades winning awards and being acclaimed for notable publications. And, for this holiday season, Tricia’s brother – Joey McIntyre – is giving her a shoutout because this is the perfect present for your Best Blockhead Friend Forever 😉

“When life boils your kettle… make tea!”

Tricia McIntyre –

Bag Ladies Tea had initially one line: Whimsical Tea. But then, inspired by the work of her siblings – Alice, Carol, Susan and Joseph – and her daughter Kayla, Tricia added “Novel Teas” to her line of teas, seeking “to share the comfort, joy, inspiration, wisdom, and escape that a good book offers.”

Besides the delightful taste of the tea, the packaging is a gift to our eyes and souls, as they come with the most inspiring literary quotes from the world over and from modern American classics.

Discover more about Bag Ladies Tea at You can shop at the website, or check the linkt.ree/BagLadiesTea which will get you to Amazon and where you’ll find:

“Whether in friendship, marriage, motherhood, or career, our 25 bags of English Breakfast tea are tagged with insightful and humorous quotes that offer solace, as we ‘steep’ through life’s everyday dilemma’s and delights.”

Tricia McIntyre –

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