Joey McIntyre: “Somebody Tracked Me Down” and “I Almost Killed a Squirrel”

Remember when… Joey meditated at the Boise River and then he wanted to go rafting, and he almost killed a squirrel, and he became obsessed with a goose, the geese and the gosselings, and, and… Yeah, Remember that?

What-a-day! Have you seen the first video of the day, with a whole minute to mediate with him? Priceless…

I would sigh and say, “Awww… It’s like, he loves us so much that he can’t stop sharing everything that he sees and makes him happy!” After all, as Christopher McCandles wrote (allegedly), “Happiness is only real when shared.” But! It could be that he is bored as F…forgive-me. Which cannot be! Because who gets bored during the Mixtape Tour?! So, we’ll go with the first option: Sigh… and love, love, love.