What’s That About The New Kids, Joe?

“NYC; beautiful day; yeah, yeah, yeah,” says Joey from his bike. When was the last time we saw him biking? ? It’s been a long time indeed…

Singing, smiling and “feeling like a person,” Joey McIntyre returned to his bike live streams to chat a little bit and tell us how much he misses us. He went for a run on Monday, got “his hair did” today and tomorrow he’s got an interview… “an NKOTB focused interview…”

New Kids On The Block on Paramount + Reboot of Behind The Music June 23, 2021 - The New Kids On The Block will appear on the reboot of Behind The Music, streaming on Paramount Plus, on Sep 2, 2021.

… and then, he’s having an early dinner with buddy, “outside, at a real restaurant…”

All we want to know is about that interview and what’s coming next for NKOTB!! But, the dinner “outside, at a real restaurant” does matter a lot…, that’s probably why he’s truly feeling like a real person these days ?.

So!, we don’t know anything yet about that “NKOTB focused interview”, but! we do know Joey is now posting his live streams on his IG and that deserves a big fat … Yay!!

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