March 24, 2019

Joey McIntyre’s Week on Broadway

Gavin Creel and Joey McIntyre. Times Square, NYC. Mar 20, 2019.

On Tuesday night, Joey hit the Instagram Stories button by mistake (and we are grateful for it) and on Wednesday he visited Broadway, offstage. Check out the clip and photos.

An Accidental InstaStory: Another Great Night at the Dinner

Joey McIntyre, InstaStories, Mar 19, 2019

Joey on Broadway, Offstage

On Wednesday, he shared these two photos saying,

“Got to see @beautifulonbway today- sooo good! Fantastic cast (who were nice enough to say hi to me after ????)… And guess who I saw in Times Square on the way?? THE #GavinCreel. (2Poms1Square?) Then after the show I bumped into my buddy from the @wicked_musical fam- Derek Williams @d_d_willy and we had a quick meeting of the souls 🙂 I’m up to my eyeballs in #Broadway and I love it!!!!”

By Laly York

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