Joey Performing at the Garry Marshall Theatre

While Joey awaits for Broadway to be blocks away, Broadway calls him for a fun date.

We know Joey is about to move in to NYC, close to one of the things he loves the most: “Broadway”, and he’s telling us all about it in his Podcast “The Move“. We also know he’s been working with NKOTB on something special… but it doesn’t mean he would stop there.

His friend Paul Vogt asked him to step in for him, in the musical “Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum”, at the Garry Marshall Theatre.

The musical is described at the theatre’s website as follows: “The Gods of Comedy are pleased! Broadway’s big, fat Roman musical is back, with a new spin on Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Sondheim’s raucous comedy that pays tribute to the original funny man himself, Plautus. Ancient Rome is turned on its ear in this bawdy romp of mistaken identity and twisting plots, where secrets hide behind every toga.”

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Garry Marshall Theatre
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