Joey McIntyre Makes a Cameo on Tori Spelling’s Episode for TBS’ Celebrity Show-Off

TBS has a new weekly show – on its YouTube Channel – called “Celebrity Show-Off” where “celebrities compete against each other to see who has the most compelling content with everything produced in their own homes.”

This week was Tori Spelling’s turn, and since she has a passion for planning weddings (and she’s also an ordained minister) she decided to plan Sarah’s and Greg’s wedding, a couple from Quincy (MA) who met online almost five years ago.

While talking to the couple and going through the details of the wedding, Tori asks them about their favorite music to which Sarah replies “I love everything from the eighties; New Kids On The Block, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson; those are my favorites.” 

The situation is hilarious; Tori planned the wedding at her house, got two mannequins and put iPads over their heads with Sarah and Greg on each screen; and with the couple’s family on zoom, she marries them.

Finally, the time for the special guests! Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson show up to congratulate and talk to the newlyweds, and – while talking to Joey – Sarah says “I really thought it was going to be you up here, at some point back in the day.”

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