Joey McIntyre Chats With Fans

You were asking for more Mac interaction? You got it!

He wanted to talk… On Saturday night he left a shy “Hi everybody…,” and probably remained in silence reading the thousand comments he received in the blink of an eye. Then on Sunday night, he shared a little bit more about his current mood,

“Me + January = dry. #humdingme Between that and my New Years resolution of not cussing, I’m well on my way to becoming a preacher. #praisetheLord #howsweetitis

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 31, 2021

And on Monday night, the party started!

It took him a while, just like with his chat with Nick Carter, but he replied… not to one or two BHs, but to thirteen! Wanna read the questions and retweets with Joey’s answers? Yeah, you do!

1) @macsuporter: I didn’t think you needed to change. You’re the one who said “Stay the Same”. I want you to stay the same

Joey: That’s certainly part of the story we can tell right? If I don’t drink can I reeeeaally have a good time? ????

2) @JoeMacRules: Joe Mac without swearing?! My new kid is officially broken

Joey: I’m up for the challenge of living up to your expectations 🙂

3) @diaryofafounder: I barely drink. Not a hard one for me. Wishing you the best on this one if it is a challenge for you.

Joey: Thank you 🙂 I feel luckier than most.

4) @SomethingElse9: It’s the strangest time of our lives… if you gotta do things to make you feel like a preacher, go for it. Just be right with yourself, that’s all. Miss you tons!

Joey: Word up!
There’s that line from air traffic controller in the movie Airplane “I picked the wrong week to stop smoking.” These times can make you change course for sure.

5) @luvinnkotb: Now that we’re onto February, what’s the plan to keep it going?

Joey: I’m not sure. A few milestones come to my mind- maybe I’ll go 40 days and forty nights 🙂 or maybe a drink with the wifey on Valentines Day, then it was “I’ll just drink white wine in Spain” Who’s knows! It’s been a trip tho- funny enough.

6) @DInLA57: I was watching the Oprah episode with your moms as guests last week. Your mom’s Irish catholic dreams coming true. God bless!

Joey: She’d definitely approve!

7) @AmyLovesJoe: If your resolutions keep you coming to Twitter, keep them coming!

Joey: Right? 🙂

8) @MeredithAngel99: Wow! Impressive! Proud of you! What has been the biggest “a-ha” moment for you? What’s been the best benefit?

Joey: Just more present. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Buddha because of it. One “a-ha” is that even if I didn’t drink a lot, knowing that escape hatch was there kind of put me on a hook. And when that is taken away, I’m left with myself and perhaps have more clarity on what’s best for me.

9) @JoeMacgirl1980: You got this Joe! (Although one of my favorite memories is making my favorite nk cuss)

Joey: Ha!! xo

10) @RJencina: You’re a f*ckin saint! The residual effects of 2020 didn’t warrant that kind of discipline! Good for you, Joe!

Joey: ☺️ I def had a few “sign posts” (as some say) in 2020. It was quite the year to numb out here and there. Plus hangovers last a week at my age! and they aren’t just physical, but I feel them emotionally and spiritually.

11) @kpasins: Congratulations!!! Definitely great for your health. Are you doing a lot of meditation to get you through?

Joey: Not much meditation ????
Becoming an expert in carbonated water Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes ????

12) @YoJoe_ItsMo: change is good! in whatever way is meaningful to you. I mean, I’d like to be a better person next year than I am now… can’t do that without reflecting, attempting change, and learning from the experience

Joey: ????????

13) @BSBNana: I used to make resolutions for the new year!! HA, i am still working on losing weight- most of my reason is for health issues! I am a work in progress as Donnie once told me and you are too! Try taking one day, one hour at a time!! Non alcohol cheers to you ????????

Joey: For sure!! Again I feel lucky that I can walk with this in a relatively light way. And it is one day at a time no matter what we are talking about. If nothing else, it is something that felt somewhat unimaginable to do and here we are. #stepbystep

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