Watch! Joey McIntyre With Chris Kirkpatrick Live on Instagram

Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC) has been hosting a Pop Trivia Night, live on his Instagram, featuring boyband members; today, was Joey’s turn.

* This post has been updated

Joey arrived twenty minutes late to the party but it was totally worth it!

On official news, we learned that Joey finally bought a house in LA (where he was staying due to the quarantine); he said he might go back for a year to New York if and when everything calms down.

Chris … what a great host! And I must say: I have a new show to watch every Monday. Great timing, great sense of humor, gifts for the fans and calls to his mom! He’s got the whole package.

He interviewed Joey about the difference between New York and Los Angeles; NKOTB’s reunion, the relationship with the fans then and now and even about the time N’sync opened for the New Kids. They also talked about BSB (and what Joey felt when – back in the day – these new boys appeared) and shared unheard anecdotes.

Watch Chris’ show every Monday live, at 7PM ET on IGTV @iamckirkpatrick