Joey McIntyre’s Collaboration on Debbie Gibson’s New Holiday Album “Winterlicious”

Pop soulmates, Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson, are making their debut as collaborative writers in Debbie Gibson’s new holiday album “Winterlicious.”

We loved this duo singing Debbie Gibson’s “Lost In Your Eyes” during NKOTB’s 2019 Mixtape Tour; we loved when they recorded the song and released it previous to their residency in Las Vegas; and we’re gonna love this new collaboration that marks their debut as co-writers.

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“Lost In Your Eyes – The Duet” was eventually included in Debbie Gibson’s latest album “The Body Remembers”, an album that she wrote entirely, except for the song “Love Don’t Care”, which she co-wrote with Lars Halvor Jensen.

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Musical prodigy Debbie Gibson doesn’t appear to be a fan of collaborations when it comes to write lyrics and music; but for her upcoming holiday album “Winterlicious” she made, once again, an exception.

Joey McIntyre posted on his Instagram Stories, “Me and Debbie Gibson wrote our first song together and it’s on this (Winterlicious) album!!! Just sayin’; it’s really good.”

Winterlicious is Debbie Gibson’s first ever holiday album; previous to its release on October 21 it’s already available to pre-order or pre-save on your music streaming service.

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