Joey McIntyre on Coronavirus: “Schools and Cities are Erring on the Side of Caution”

From his living room in New York, with his dogs trying to catch his attention, Joey took a moment to reflect upon how the coronavirus is affecting his and people’s lives.

“I have my theories about this virus and the fears around it and I understand everybody’s instincts; and I still have my take,” he begins saying. “It’s funny how some people can just play the pause button and some people have to go about their lives and make a living; it’s interesting to me and I am definitely in that group who can kind of benefit from the pause, or can press pause.”

Countries are responding according to the outbreaks; some are taking more measurements than others and it’s interfering with our lives; Joey says,”Schools and cities are erring on the side of caution and that’s understandable; but it’s a little frustrating from time to time.”

In Argentina – even though people in the streets are not freaking out, yet – the government has declared a state of National Health Emergency for a year; some flights have been suspended for thirty days (staring on March 17) and classes have been suspended at schools in only one province, for two weeks, as a precaution; out of the 31 infected, one has died.

So BH, let’s share what’s happening. I cancelled my stay in Manhattan for this year; but so far I continue attending to classes, doing sports and working from home. Where are you from? Are you taking any precautions? How is this affecting you?

Stay safe! ????