Joey McIntyre: An Intimate Conversation With Danny Wood

What a pleasant surprise on The Wood Works today! On Danny’s YouTube show “Special Guest Day,” he welcomed Joey McIntyre to share anecdotes and the recipe for Katherine’s Irish Bread.

Being a show about food, Danny went straight to ask Joey about his childhood and what was a typical meal that Katherine would cook to feed nine children, plus a husband! “She had to make nine of everything”, Joey responded, and he said that they joke a lot about the lack of moisture in the food because Katherine was a busy woman; “she wasn’t checking on the pork chops every second,” Joey said laughing.

Danny also asked Joey who was the most talented person in the family, and who was the comedian at the table; “I’m gonna get in trouble,” Joey said, and went for his sister Susan as the most talented (explaining why) and Tommy as the funniest. Then they talked about who’s the funniest among the New Kids and Joey stealing Jordan’s jokes; “there’s too many clowns in this group,” Joey added.

Regarding the family traditions Joey McIntyre now has with his family with Barrett and their children, he said, “I didn’t know what Thanksgiving could be until I married a Jewish girl (…) her sweet potato pie is amazing.” 

Reminiscing about his childhood, joey recalled, “nine kids, back in the day, you had a baked potato, a piece of turkey and maybe some green beans, and it was a wrap; tradition wise, it was all about just being in the kitchen, having a few laughs and dancing, and putting the radio on; and then it was just a matter of time before someone said something to piss someone off.”

Danny and Joey talked for 30 minutes about the food they have on tour, what kind of food Joey orders at home, and a lot more! It’s a #mustwatch episode ☺️