Joey McIntyre Sings with his Daughter Kira, “NYC Girls”, as We Learn How to Become an NYC Girl

You are waiting for Joe Mac to play “prince charming doctor” on Broadway, and while you do that, you watch him singing with his little princess, Kira, “NYC Girls”. Life is good.

Allow me to say: Back in 2001 when the album “Meet Joe Mac” was released and I first heard the song, I thought, “What’s all the fuzz about NYC girls, Joe?” and I got a little jealous, because I didn’t have the NYC credentials and …you know, I was going to marry him, as many of you. We are sisters; we share; it’s all good. Now, after five years of coming and going from the end of the world to NYC, to spend half a year where I found my “home”, I hear the song and I …, I get the goosebumps.

New York, New York…

New York City, Manhattan, “The City”, in case you haven’t met her yet, has a personality printed in the little things one could take for granted…It’s not about what most tourists say… For me, it wasn’t even love at first sight: The first time I met her, I thought, “Horseshit smell! Drilling! Heat! Ugh!”; the second time, I was like, “oh… ok…”; the third time, …, the third time I said “I looooove you”… But that’s a story for another time.

Now, after almost twenty years of listening to “NYC Girls” for the first time, when I hear Joe singing, “stand clear for the closing doors”, it takes me to the cold metro and I hear a deep recorded voice saying, “stand clear for the closing doors” … and I picture one last guy with his suit coming through the doors like Tom Cruise jumping from a rocket on a Mission Impossible movie; a mom telling his child to sit down, …, “sit down!”; an electrician struggling with his red and black rolling tool tote bag; a girl embedded in a book while the most amazing singer that should have won The Voice (or whatever) gives the performance of his life…

New York… *sigh*

“Where’s this train going man”… It takes me to those glorious days (glorious!) when the D or the F trains are being fixed, and you have to go to the 9/11 memorial station, so you can go way uptown, to go to Brooklyn … which is downtown… on another island.

That Time When You Say, “I Get It Now”

When you admire an artist, you do your best to understand her or his message; this one was hard for me, and it might be for you too if you haven’t visited NYC (yet) But I get it now, and it gives me double joy, because it means I know and understand two loves of my life: Joey’s talent and “The City.”

If you haven’t visited her yet, trust me when I say that it’s not about the malls, the lights and all you hear from tourists. There is a soul in that city that gets right under your skin, if you allow it… And I think that’s how a girl becomes an “NYC girl”…

Recently Joey said in an interview to the New York Post, that when he asked his kids where they wanted to go, they replied, “to the museum.” … I’m pretty sure little Kira is gonna grow up to be one gorgeous NYC girl, with no red bottom shoes needed 😉

 “All these new york girls come from all around

From the san fran shores to boston town

In every girl there’s a little nyc

And all the little girls say what they wanna be

NYC girls…”

Enjoy father and daughter singing “NYC Girls!”, written by Joey McIntyre and Eman.