Stream V.C. Andrews “Dawn” With Joey McIntyre

Joey McIntyre is back on our TVs, and this time in quite a role as Michael Sutton, a creepy teacher in Lifetime’s new limited series “Dawn.”

The series is an adaptation of V.C. Andrews 1900 book “Dawn”, and it will air in four parts every Saturday evening, from July 8 through July 29.

It tells the story of Dawn Longchamp (played by Brec Bassinger), a young woman who has grown up around humble surroundings and with a loving family. Eventually, her life takes an unexpected turn after a sudden tragedy occurs, placing her in a new family and environment filled with dark secrets and betrayal.

Joey McIntyre on His Role as Michael Sutton in Lifetime’s “Dawn”

In an interview for TV Line (which took place before SAG-AFTRA officially announced a strike on July 13), Joey McIntyre talked about the relationship of his character Michael Sutton with his student Dawn.

“It does takes place in the 1970s. It was a different world (…) Obviously, we’re still slowly reckoning with this misogynistic… this power that he really played over her. She is very young, so I think in that world, you can understand why she would have made those choices, and why he really took advantage of her.”

Joey McIntyre for TV Line

Joey McIntyre Talks V.C. Andrews’ Dawn, Playing the Villain, and More

When and How to Stream V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Online

V.C. Andrews’ Dawn airs on Lifetime every Saturday night, and it’s available the day after on

Lifetime can also be viewed through other streaming options including Philo, DirectTV Stream, Vidgo and SlingTV.

It’s also available for rent on YouTube and Apple TV.

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V.C. Andrews “Dawn” Season 01 · Part 2: Secrets of The Morning (Jul 15, 2023)

Dawn falls under the seductive spell of Broadway star Michael Sutton while staying at a boarding house in New York City. However, when Michael suddenly disappears, Dawn is once again at the mercy of her grandmother’s twisted schemes.

V.C. Andrews “Dawn” Season 01 · Part 3: Twilight’s Child (Jul 22, 2023)

Dawn becomes the rightful owner of Cutler’s Cove Hotel, but she can’t seem to escape her grandmother’s presence. Soon, her brother’s obsession and her sister’s violent rage threaten Dawn’s dream once again.

V.C. Andrews “Dawn” Season 01 · Part 4: Midnight Whispers Child (Jul 29, 2023)

After finding her real father in New York City, Christie and her stepbrother flee to the plantation where she was born, a place with its own dark secrets.