That Time Joey McIntyre Arrived to TikTok

On February AJ McLean (BSB) called out Joey McIntyre and other boyband’s members for a battle on TikTok, and Joey responded with a, “Yyyyeah, um… I’m not on #TikTok. I got enough rabbit holes in my life. But meet me on the corner and I’ll throw down anytime!”

Joey Mcintyre: Tik Tok, You Said? February 3, 2021 - AJ McLean called out Joey McIntyre to do the Boy Band challenge on Tik Tok, and Joey won it without having Tik Tok.

On June, during a live stream, a fan asked him if he would join TikTok, and he said no again; also, he added he wouldn’t join Facebook either.

Joey McIntyre Live Stream: A Little Bit of Everything June 9, 2021 - Watch Joey McIntyre talking about what's been going in his life and answering fans' questions

But, a talented girl, his “pop soulmate”, can change it all… almost.

Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson have released the single “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet,” and they are getting ready for a mini residence in Las Vegas. Singing along with them could be a nice way to start getting the goosebumps for what this new duet are going to do together on stage. So! That’s what Debbie Gibson did on her TikTok account.

Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson Live in Las Vegas. Plus! The Release of the New Single “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet” May 5, 2021 - Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson will be coming back to the stage as a duet, in Las Vegas.

“Come get lost in my eyes”, Debbie Gibson posted, with a clip of her singing Lost in Your Eyes, followed by a clip of Joey singing his part.

“Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre Live in Las Vegas” is an 8 night limited engagement; they will perform at the The Sands Showroom (The Venetian Resort) Las Vegas (NE) on August 26, 27, 28 & 29; and on September 16, 17, 18 & 19.

Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster!

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